We’ve already seen some of the goodies that the new webOS 2.0 operating system has to offer thanks to the SDK which launched a few weeks ago. But now HP has officially announced that webOS 2.0 will be ready to ship soon. Oh yeah, so will the new Palm Pre 2 smartphone, which will run the new operating system. The Pre 2 will launch this Friday in France with mobile carrier SFR. It will be available from Verizon in the US and Canada “in the coming months.”

WebOS 2.0 will support Adobe Flash Player 10.1 beta and will also offer improved multitasking, a new “Just Type” feature that lets you start writing an  email, social network update, or a URL without evening opening an app first., and a Synergy feature that lets you automatically populate your contact list with connections from Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and other services.

Verizon Wireless customers will also be able to use Skype Mobile with webOS 2.0, and Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite will come standard with the operating system, allowing users to view Microsoft Office documents.

It also looks like HP has dropped “Palm” from the webOS brand. Instead the company is now just referring to the mobile operating system as webOS 2.0.

You can find more details in the official press release and the Palm blog.

PreCentral also has an excellent review of the new WebOS 2.0 operating system and most of its new features.

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