Ever wish you could play classic PC games from the 80s on your iPad? Or how about run Windows 3.0 on your iPhone? Now you can. Fast Intelligence has released an app called iDOS for iOS, which is based on the open source DOSBox project. It basically gives you the tools you need to run old school DOS applications on an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

iDOS is available from the App Store for $0.99. The app includes an PC-like on-screen keyboard, mouse support, and the ability to force a 4:3 aspect ratio like you would find on most older DOS programs.

In order to load games and other DOS programs onto your iPad, you’ll need to go to iTunes on your computer, select your mobile device, click on the Apps menu, scroll down until you see iDOS in the sharing section, and manually add programs you want iTunes to copy to your iOS device.

Sure, there are thousands of games that are actually written for iOS which offer far better graphics and gameplay on an iPhone or iPad than you’ll get running old DOS games in an emulator. But the nostalgia factor is hard to beat.

Update: And… now it’s gone. Apple pulled iDOS from the app store.

Update 2: But… you can download the app from the Cydia store if you have a jailbroken device. Just follow the instructions at the developer’s web site.

Update 3: As of January 19th, 2011, iDOS is back in the app store — but with some serious limitations.

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  1. Easiest way is to use a file manager like Ifile and then unzip the files of the game into the a DOS folder then open Idos and type Dir, find the game, and install.

  2. I unzipped a game in dos game folder with ifile & see it under games dir. It shows a wizard~1 (dir) file and wizard~2 zip file along with ms packman & digdug com files. How would I install wizards crown now that I’m at this point. Step by step please. I’m learning. Thanks

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