It’s no surprise that software developers that have written apps for Windows Mobile, Android, and iOS are coming out of the woodwork to announce new apps for the upcoming Windows Phone 7 operating system. But what’s moderately exciting about these announcements is the fact that developers really seem to be keeping the distinctive Windows Phone 7 user interface in mind and customizing their apps to fit instead of simply porting apps from other plaforms.

Ilium’s eWallet is a popular Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, and iPhone app which lets you store passwords, financial information, pictures, and other data on your phone using 256-bit AES encryption. The Windows Mobile version of the software has a rather utilitarian look. Now Ilium has announced its developing a Windows Phone 7 version, and it looks much more attractive.

Rather than using a tree-style menu to organize data, there’s a scrollable menu at the top that lets you switch from home to work or other categories. Below is a list of accounts with saved passwords and other information with nice big icons.

There’s no word on how much eWallet for Windows Phone 7 will cost or when it will be available, but the iPhone app is $9.99, while the Windows Mobile and BlackBerry versions runs $19.99 for the mobile app and PC software. There’s also a free eWallet Viewer app for Android which allows you to view your information and synchronize it with a PC on an Android device — but not to create or edit cards on your phone.

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2 replies on “Ilium to launch eWallet for Windows phone 7”

  1. Wasting time coding eWallet for a probably doomed Windows phone 7 version, but absolutely NO better version for Android. This just absolutely makes no sense! I’ve been a eWallet PC user for a long time, and am using the Android eWallet client to at least browse eWallet records- better than nothing. But I am fed up waiting on eWallet. Going over to B-Folders, and probably eventually when a decent importer is made, will switch to KeePass. eWallet, you disappoint me!

  2. I was excited to hear about the WP7 app, especially so quickly, as I have been a big and loyal fan of eWallet, but I am very disappointed to see that the WP7 version is not compatible with the desktop version and worse there is no compatible desktop version!!!! What am I supposed to do now to move between phone and desktop? The final straw for me was to hear that there is not even a conversion utility to convert my password file. This is a terrible design decision and step backwards IMHO and I will be looking at another product.

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