Most smartphones have ARM-based processors, and a growing number of tablets and notebook-style devices are popping up with similar architecture.  Intel would like to see more of its chips with x86 cores used in tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices. In order to crack into the phone market though, Intel’s going to need to make sure that there’s a decent variety of apps that can run on x86 hardware, and it looks like the company is taking a big step toward helping developers port their ARM-based apps to run on Intel’s chips.

MacWorld reports that Intel will release a tool that helps developers port iPhone apps to run on x86 chips by pointing out changes that developers need to make in order for their apps to be x86 compatible.

It’s not quite as easy as popping in the code for your iPhone app, hitting a convert button and then instantly loading your app into the MeeGo Linux or Windows AppUp Center stores. But it’s a start, and it could lead to developers making versions of their iPhone apps available for MeeGo, Windows, and other platforms.

via Download Squad

Brad Linder

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