The first jailbreak tool for iOS 4.1 has been released, and while it’s a bit rough around the edges, it’s designed to work with the iPhone 4, iPod touch 4th generation iPod touch 3rd generation, iPad, and eventually the iPhone 3GS, although there’s a bug that prevents the iPhone 3GS hack from working right now.

The tool is called Limera1n and it supports iOS 4.1. Interestingly, it comes from hacker Geohot and it was released just a day before the hackers at the iPhone Dev Team had planned to launch their own jailbreak making use of a different exploit in iOS 4.1 Now it looks like the Dev Team will be holding off for a while, rather than bringing two separate exploits to Apple’s attention – making it easier for Apple to patch both exploits at the same time.

While the federal government has ruled that it’s legal to jailbreak, unlock, or generally modify the software on smartphones, Apple isn’t required to make it easy and there’s no rule preventing Apple from patching exploits. In fact, if you’re not a jailbreaker, those patches are probably a good thing since it means that Apple is essentially removing security holes that malicious coders could use to sneak malware onto your phone.

In theory, jailbreaking provides users with deep access to the files and settings that are otherwise unavailable on Apple iOS devices. This lets you install applications that aren’t available in the iTunes App Store, tether your phone to a computer for free, or adjust other settings.

Right now, the Limar1n jailbreak tool only works with a Windows computer, and some users have reported problems — like some apps including the App Store missing after jailbreaking. Proceed with caution.

You should also know that the Limera1n doesn’t support unlocking — and if your phone is currently unlocked, using this tool will relock your device. So if you need your iPhone to work with networks besides AT&T, you’ll want to hold off for now.

Update: Limera1n is now available for both Mac and PC.

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54 replies on “Limera1n jailbreak tool for iOS 4.1 now available”

  1. This is really Good news for ios 4.1 user but still there is not good response from over all iphone user, some user find problem and its only available for Windows user so waiting for some more time to jailbreak my device.

  2. sucks, does not work, i cant even get the limera1n app thing on my ipod, just does not appear.
    Ipod touch 3g 4.1
    does any1 no wats going on :(

  3. Works like a charm!!! Successfully Jailbroke my iphone 4 on 4.1 OS. The Cydia icon appears only after restarting the iphone. This is a known bug.

    Thanks Geohot. You rock!!!

    1. Yes, it works on iPhone 4 ios 4.0.2 , baseband 1.59.00. I was able to jailbreak + unlock. Now it works with my network service provider.

    1. no, geohot proved himself to be egohot ( a pure d$ck head) and released the jb software before dev team, now dev team dont want to reveal their exploit to apple so they will only try to implement limera1n

  4. thanks for the help but i got one more Q it says my ipod is jailbroken but its not letting me download free apps how does that work

  5. I just jailbroken my iphone 3GS but my baseband is on 15.14.02 have to wait for ultsn0w to come out with new baseband update

    1. If you have saved your baseband while upgrading to 4.1, only then you can use ultrasnow. Or else you will have to wait until the release of the new unlock for IOS 4.1 on Iphone 4

      1. yea thats what im saying if i had saved my baseband will i be able to get my phone unlocked with limerain?

        1. my phone is already unlocked frm my operator. does it mean that i dont need to worry abt this unlocking thing anymore?

  6. Thanks Geohot You definetely ROCK.
    PS Don’t listen to garbage! ‘Coz ur the best. We missed you. Glad to have u back :)

      1. how do you jailbreak the ipod touch 3g, after i have done what the window says, it tells me that my ipod is jailbroken thinks to comex, but limera1n is not on my ipod?

  7. Limera1n does not work for iphone 3gs, no limera1n after re-booting. any further help for this 3gs?.

  8. Work great on 2 of my iphone 4 4.0.2 (one is unlock hince I have 1.59.00 baseband, the other is 2.10.04 so I have to wait on the unlock)

    The first release had a bug so it did not work for 3GS, but the latest release works perfectly after rebooting the 3GS couple times.
    Work great on my 3GS 4.1 05.14.00. However, I have to wait for an unlock for this baseband :(

    Doesn’t matter GeoHot or Dev team, you guys are all rock!!!

    Thank you very much GeoHot!!!

  9. worked very well to my 3Gs. easy when you follow the instruction. I had to reboot the device after cydia installation to be able to see the cydia icon. cydia it self gave some errors but restarted and everything went fine. the device seems working ok at the moment. Great work.
    I have not tried the unlock yet.
    Hope that were helpfull

  10. No success on a brand new iPod touch. I had restored from a backup from a jailbroken G2, so going to restore and retry…

  11. Confirmed. After a restore, it worked perfectly. Thanks Geohot! – If you have restored from a backup, you may want to try restoring to 4.1, and when iTunes asks you to restore from a backup or set up as a new device, select neither. Just eject the device, and run limera1n on it.

  12. flash858, what device do you have? this does not work for ipod touch 3g. thats what i have and nothing you said works for me

  13. ipod touch 3G MC model running on iOS 4.1 jailbroken with limera1n on the first trial…..just did exactly as the intruction on the programm told me to….didnt have limera1n icon at first but i rebooted and got it. working great, no bug so far!

  14. limera1n has problems jailbreaking 4.1 at least on iphone 4, 3gs and ipod touch 4g….if they are on 4.0.2, do not upgrade….just jailbreak them….

  15. Limera1n work good on windows 7(run as administrator) . and I jailbroked my iphone 3gs iOS 4.1. but ultrasn0w, doesn’t support for baseband 15.14.02 yet

  16. i installed limera1n and cydia, then uninstalled both of them.. but now when i try jailbreaking my iphone 4, limerain goes through the whole process and says its done, but i cant see the limerain app or the cydia app. anybody know what to do.?

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