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Zune Desktop software for Windows

Microsoft has been developing some apps for OS X for years, such as Microsoft Office for Mac. But the company has a long history of not producing software that lets you sync your mobile devices with a Mac. Windows Mobile has never had an official Mac synchronization client, and the Zune Desktop software for Microsoft’s portable media players is PC only. Now it looks like that is all going to change.

Oded Ran is head of marketing for Microsoft U, and Neowin spotted a Twitter post from Ran suggesting that the company would soon launch software for Macs which customers will be able to use to synchronize both Zune devices and Windows Phone 7 devices with a Mac.

It’s not clear whether this means Microsoft will release a full Zune Desktop app for Mac or not. ZDNet asked for clarification and received a note that “later in 2010” the company will launch a beta tool allowing users to “sync select content with Mac computers.”

Still, this is good news for Mac users who would prefer to use a Windows Phone 7 device or Zune media player rather than an iPhone or iPod touch… there must be at least two of you, right?

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