Navigon’s MobileNavigator USA app for Google Android offers all the features you’d expect from a GPS navigation app. It plots your point on a map and displays turn by turn directions from point A to point B on a 2D or 3D map. It offers live traffic information, speaks directions out loud to you using your phone’s speakers, and shows points of interest along the way.

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But MobileNavigator boasts one feature you won’t find in most other navigation apps: An augmented reality view. Navigon calls it “Reality Scanner,” and here’s how it works: You point your phone’s camera at something, and Navigon checks with the GPS and compass hardware, then dips into its data to find out what you’re probably looking at and displays it on the screen. Not sure how much further you have to go until you find the restaurant, gas station, hotel or parking lot you’re looking for? MobileNavigator can show you.

Honestly, it’s a bit of a gimmick, since Reality Scanner doesn’t really show you anything you couldn’t find using the 3D maps. But it’s still kind of cool.

For the next few weeks you can pick up MobileNavigator for about $39.99, but after that the price goes up to $59.99. The prices might fluctuate a bit, because the company is actually based in Europe and the prices are set in Euros and then translated to dollars by the Android Market.

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