Pocket Informant is a contact and calendar app which offers far more customization options than the default Android calendar (and there is no default task/to do list for Android). The app was originally designed for Windows Mobile, but there are now versions for BlackBerry, iOS, and Android as well.

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The Android app hit the Android Market tonight and while it’s pretty awesome, it also feels a little like a beta app. It takes a little while to populate the different calendar views with appointments, and there’s no Home Screen widget, which seems like it would be pretty useful. Still, it’s without a doubt the most powerful calendar app available for Android at the moment. It’s also the only calendar app for Android I’ve found which lets you change which Google Calender an appointment is linked to after yoube already created an appointment.

That said, Pocket Informant pulls in data from all of your Google Calendars or lets you choose which calendars to display. There are day, week, month, and agenda views, with several different ways to display data on the week view. You can decide which day starts the week, decide whether to show mini-text in the month view, which may be of limited use on a tiny smartphone display, but it’s an option that few other calendar apps offer.

You can also change the theme colors by changing the colors for working and non-working hours, weekends, important, overdue, or unimportant tasks, or private data.

There’s also a task manager which you can use to create and organize tasks. If you set deadlines for your tasks you can choose to have them show up in your calendar. You can also synchronize the tasks with online task service Toodledo.

You can find more details at the Pocket Informant forum.

Pocket Informant Beta is available as a free download from the Android Market. The beta expires on January 24th. Hopefully by then there will either be a new beta or a full version of the app available for purchase.

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