Pocket Informant is one of my all-time favorite apps for Windows Mobile. It’s a complete replacement for the default calendar, contacts, and tasks apps and it offers better tools for viewing your information at a glance and far more customization options. There’s also an iPhone version of Pocket Informant, which offers calendar and task management, but not contacts, as well as iPad and BlackBerry versions. Now the developers at WebIS are working on an Android version… and a public beta is expected to launch in the Android Market sometime this week.

The Android version of Pocket Informant will feature a number of detailed calendar views, allowing you to see day, agenda, week, or month-at-a-glance views in landscape or portrait mode. Pocket Informant does a much better job of providing information on one screen than the default Google Calendar app, but it will synchronize with Google Calendar.

Pocket Informant for Android also features a task manager, which you can synchronize with Toodledo.com.

You can also change the colors for priority tasks, overdue tasks, weekends, workdays, and other details. There are privacy settings that let you hide items marked personal, private, or confidential. And you can choose which day starts your week.

You can find more screenshots from the upcoming Pocket Informant Beta for Android at the Pocket Informant forums.

There’s no word on the final pricing for Pocket Informant for Android, but the full iPhone and BlackBerry versions run about $13, while the Windows Mobile app is about $20. There’s also a free Lite version for iPhone which only lets you synchronize 3 weeks worth of appointments.

Update: Pocket Informant Beta is now available as a free download from the Android Market.

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