Don’t feel like shelling out $5.99 to play Playstation games on your Android phone? No worries. The developer of psx4droid, the first PS1 emulator for Android has released a new “lite” version of the app which lets you play for free (assuming you have the means to either download or rip your own Playstation ROMs and load a Playstation BIOS file on your mobile device).

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The only difference between psx4droid lite and the full version is that the full version allows you to load saved games. So if you plan to work you way through Final Fantasy VII in one marathon sitting, you might be able to get by without spending any extra cash. Or you know, the lite app gives you a chance to try out the emulator before deciding whether it’s worth spending your money on the full version.

The app supports BIN, ISO, IMG, PBP, Z, ZNX, and Eboot files and can even work with a WiiMote if you pair the Nintendo controller to your phone over Bluetooth.

You’ll get the best results if you’re using a newer phone with a relatively fast processor.

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