Samsung is making quite a name for itself in the Android world, with the launch of several popular Android smartphones and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 inch tablet. But the company has a long history of making mobile devices with other operating systems as well, including Windows Mobile and Symbian OS. Now it looks like you can scratch one of those operating systems off the list.

Samsung has announced it will discontinue support for Symbian at the end of the year.

Samsung isn’t alone. Sony Ericsson also announced plans this week to stop developing devices with Symbian.

The Symbian operating system isn’t very popular in the US, but it’s huge in Europe and it comes preloaded on millions of Nokia smartphones. The Symbian Foundation restructured the project a while back to release Symbian as open source software — which could theoretically lead to wider adoption of the mobile OS. But given the recent news from Samsung and Sony Ericsson, that doesn’t seem to be happening right now.

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