There are a growing number of apps that let you cash checks using a smartphone camera. PayPal does it. A number of banks do it. Now a company called Mitek is taking that idea and running with it… in a slightly different direction.

The company’s new Mobile Photo Bill Pay tool will let you snap a photo of a bill with your phone’s camera and then pay that bill directly from your bank account.

Instead of using image-to-text recognition to deposit money into your account, the service will let you scan the pertinent information on a bill including the recipient and amount and withdraw the money from your account, making it easy to pay bills without writing checks or even logging into your bank’s online bill pay system.

We haven’t quite gotten to the point where our phones can totally replace a trip to the bank or ATM, but we’re getting closer.

Mobile Photo Bill Pay apps are coming soon for iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android. The iPhone app should be available in the App Store any day now.

via jkOnTheRun

Brad Linder

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