This week Skype launched an Android app that lets users make free Skype to Skype calls and cheap Skype to phone calls. There’s no support for video yet, but the audio quality is pretty good. There’s just one catch. While the app works on WiFi and 3G networks in many countries, if you’re in the US the Skype app won’t make any calls unless you’re using WiFi.

If you’re not particularly happy with that restriction, it looks like there is another option. Hacker Xeudoxus has put together a modified version of the Skype installer file which lets you run Skype on an Android phone inside the US and make Skype to Skype and SkypeOut calls over 3G.

Of course, you’ll have to be willing to install hacked software to get this to work, but it’s proof (in case you needed any) that there’s no technical reason for Skype to limit the app to WiFi only in the US. It’s just a move to appease wireless carriers.

via Droid Life

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  1. Its not working on Samsung i9000 the candian version. Android 2.1 When i clicked on “Forgot my password” i got a message saying “It appears you are accessing Skype Web thru an unsupported browser. Please switch browsers and try again.” should i download opera or firefox? any clues.

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