First Fring, and now Nimbuzz. Skype has asked Nimbuzz to remove support for making Skype calls using the Nimbuzz instant messaging client for mobile phones.

Nimbuzz first added support for using Skype to make phone calls a few months ago. But it looks like Skype is on a mission to discourage third party apps from using its protocol tomake voice and video calls.

Incidentally, Skype launched its own Android app recently, but it takes up more storage space than Nimbuzz or Fring, and supports voice and text chat, but not video.

To comply with Skype’s request, Nimbuzz will end support for Skype on October 31st. But the company will continue to offer its own NimbuzzOut service which will let users make cheap calls to phone numbers using the Nimbuzz mobile client. The company is also offering users 15% bonus credit on all purchases through the end of November, in an attempt to get some Skype users to stick with Nimbuzz. Just use the copon code NIMBUZZ15 to get the bonus.

Nimbuzz is available for Symbian, iOS, and Android phones.

via TechCrunch

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