Another mobile operating system, another chance for the folks at Sling Media to give you a way to watch live and recorded TV on your phone. The company, which is owned by EchoStar (the company behind the DISH Network satellite TV service), offers a set top box that you can use to stream video from your home theater setup over the internet. That way you can watch videos stored on your DVR, or even live TV using your cable box… from a computer at your office.

Sling sells mobile apps for Windows Mobile, Symbian, BlackBerry, Palm OS, Android, and the iPhone. So it’s hardly surprising that the company is working on a version for Windows Phone 7. Still, I guess it’s nice to see it in action… and now you can, because a Sling Media project manager has uploaded a demo video to YouTube. You can check it out after the break.

Video quality looks pretty good, and the on-screen controls are designed to make it easy to do things like change channels on the go, while viewing information about the programs on your device. It takes a few seconds for video to start playing, or to change channels, but the good news is that Sling Media says Windows Phone 7 allows the SlingPlayer Mobile app to stream video at 4 times the resolution of the older Windows Mobile app.

Update: SlingPlayer Mobile for Windows Phone 7 is now available for $30 from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

via Engadget

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