Spb has launched version 5.0 of the company’s Mobile Shell — a complete replacement for the home screen and app launcher on Android, Symbian, and Windows Mobile phones.

The app lets you arrange icons onto multiple home screens, and you can flip between screens using a pretty slick looking 3D animation. There’s also support for widgets, allowing you to do things like control media playback from your home screen. Many apps can be converted to widgets simply by sliding your finger across the icon on the home screen. You can also organize app icons into folders.

Spb Mobile Shell is one of the most customizable home screen replacements — but the biggest problem is that the mobile shell is basically just a home screen replacement. It might give a uniform look to the home screen — but it doesn’t change the look and feel of apps or deep settings menus on your phone.

Spb plans to bring its software to additional operating systems including BlackBerry, MeeGo, LiMo, and Bada.

Right now the latest version of Spb Mobile Shell available for purchase is version 3.5, which runs $29.95. Laptop Magazine reports that Spb is working with OEMs to preload Spb Mobile Shell 5.0 on upcoming smartphones which could be available in 2011. I suspect eventually you’ll be able to purchase and download the software yourself as well.

You can check out a demo video below, complete with some hyperbolic claims such as “Spb Mobile Shell 5 is the first mobile UI where widgets have been implemented correctly.”

Brad Linder

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