All new  Google Android devices have a free option for GPS turn by turn navigation, thanks to Google Maps. But while Windows Phone 7 will ship with a rather slick looking Bing Maps application, it doesn’t currently support turn-by-turn navigation features. It looks like there will be third party offerings to fill that niche though.

TelMap is one of the first companies to announce a navigation app for windows Phone 7. At launch, the service will only be available in Singapore and Malaysia, although the company does have access to maps and traffic information for the US, Europe, and other regions, so TelMap could eventually broaden its coverage area.

The TelMap app seems to have all the basic features you would expect, including 2D and 3D map views, real-time traffic info, and turn by turn voice directions. The app can also show points of interest including gas stations. There’s also a cell ID feature that lets you check a location even when you’re indoors and can’t get a good GPS signal.

I suspect it also won’t be too long before we see other companies such as TomTom and CoPilot enter the fray with their own Windows Phone 7 navigation apps. Microsoft is also expected to add navigation functionality to Bing Maps next year.

via WP Central

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