TomTom has released a fairly major update to their iPhone app, with the headliners being higher resolution imagery for iPhone 4 owners and updated maps for all.

In the novelty category, TomTom has introduced a navigate-to-photo feature. Not sure we’ll ever need or use that, but we are glad to see smoother, more responsive pinch-to-zoom control… although I’m still disappointed we still can’t simply drag the map view while en route.

My wife swears by and uses the Tom Tom app ($50 from the App Store) as her sole navigation software solution, whereas I continually flip through products. (We’re a two-iPhone household – double the dropped calls.)

My preferred GPS has been Telenav (aka AT&T navigator). But given the new reality of numerous nav apps, many free, their subscription pricing is out of line with the competition and I’m playing the field.

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