There are a ton of web sites that stream live TV broadcasts over the internet. Some are completely free and legal. Others, not so much. TV Flash Alpha is a new Android app that lets you access both types of internet TV streams for free on an Android 2.2 phone with Adobe Flash.

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The selection of channels is pretty good. News junkies can find CNN, BBC, Bloomberg, C-SPAN, and Al Jazeera English stream. But there are also unofficial streams from USA Network, CBS, Nickelodeon and others.

There are also links to on-demand videos which stream directly from network web sites including The CW and Cartoon Network.

There’s also content in a variety of languages, including Arabic and French.

Overall the video quality is surprisingly smooth — although it varies from channel to channel, because TV Flash doesn’t really control the source, it just provides a directory and user interface for accessing videos.

If you’ve installed Adobe Flash on your Android phone and you’re having a hard time finding videos that play well on your device, TV Flash is certainly worth checking out — even if there’s no guarantee that some of the content will continue to be available if the networks decide to shut down those video streams. The app is available as a free download from the Android Market.

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