There are boatloads of twitter apps for Android which let you see updates from your contacts and tap out updates using your phone’s keyboard. Twitoc isn’t one of them. Instead it’s a simple widget-based app that you can place on your home screen. Tap it once and Twitoc will use Google voice recognition to let you update your Twitter status using your voice.

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Just pick the large or small widget and slap it on your home screen, and enter you Twitter credentials in the settings and you’re good go to. If you’ve ever used Google’s voice recognition you know that it’s pretty good, but not perfect. Fortunately, Twitoc shows you the transcript of your dialog before sending it off for all your Twitter followers to see, so you can make corrections if necessary.

Twitoc also recently launched support for plugins. The first is a Camera plugin that lets you snap a photo and then speak your status update. The image will be uploaded to and shared with your status update.

While Twitoc is available as a free download for Android 2.1 and up, the camera plugin costs $0.96. I guess that’s how the company plans to make money off its apps. Twitoc promises to release additional plugins over the next few weeks.

If you want to read Twitter updates from your contacts or the public timeline, you’ll need a different Twitter app because Twitoc isn’t a full service Twitter app, but rather a status update tool.

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