Webkey is a free app that lets you control your Android phone from a web browser. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You an also view detailed information from your call log, export your contact list as a plain text file, or use a file browser to access your SD card.

The only catch? Webkey requires root access, so you’ll want to use a tool like Unrevoked, SuperOneClick, or Universal Androot to root your phone before you can use the app.

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Once installed, just open the Webkey app on your phone and click the “Start Service” button to begin. The app will show you a URL to enter into your desktop web browser as well as a username and password (you can edit user accounts using the web interface).

The phone screen shows you a live image of your Android device. If you press a button or perform another action on your phone, the image on the screen will update. You can also drag your mouse across the screen in the web browser to make changes on your Android phone, or hit the Home, Back, or other buttons in the web browser.

This is a great way to take screenshots, or just enter large amounts of text on your phone if you’re too lazy to use the tiny keyboard on your phone.

The sdcard tab is also pretty awesome. It presents you with a file browser that you can use to view all of the files on your storage card. There’s even a details window that shows previews of image files and detailed information about other file types.

You can right-click on any file to download it to your computer from your phone, or copy, move, delete, or rename a file. You can also use the “Open with” command to open files on your desktop without putting your phone into USB mass storage mode first.

The SD Card browser also has an “upload” option which lets you copy files to your phone’s storage card from your browser without enabling mass storage mode.

Webkey is available as a free download from the Android Market.

via Android Police

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