Yahoo has launched a mobile Yahoo Finance app for Google Android. Like similar apps from Google, Aol, and Bloomberg, the Yahoo Finance app lets you view near real-time stock quotes and news as well as manage your portfolio.

You can also create customized stock watch lists and view videos from the Yahoo Finance Tech Ticker site — although the streaming video quality was pretty awful in my tests, even over WiFi.

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Still, the video aspect helps set the Yahoo Finance app apart from the competition, as does the instant search results view in the Quotes section. As you start to type a company name or ticker symbol, results will appear instantaneously. As you continue typing, the results are refined until you find the company you’re looking for. You can click the plus button next to any search result to add it to your watch list.

Yahoo Finance is certainly one of the most attractive finance apps I’ve seen for Android so far, and it’s probably a great app to have if you’re already a Yahoo Finance user. On the other hand, stock quotes are apparently delayed by 15 minutes, which is less than ideal.

Yahoo Finance is available as a free download from the Android Market. The app is only available in the US for now, but international versions are on their way.

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