The Android Market may have around 100,000 free and paid apps available for download — but it can take a bit of trial and error to find good free apps. The folks behind the aFreeware app are trying to make things easier with their app discovery tool.

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Basically there are two things that set the aFreeware app apart from the Android Market:

  1. Only free apps are listed.
  2. Only apps that have received reviews from users are listed.

That second item might not seem that important, but it helps weed out spam (is that a mixed metaphor?)

When you fire up the aFreeware app you can click on Latest, Featured, or Widgets tabs to find apps. You can also click on the Categories tab to browse through categories including music, GPS, calendar, games, camera, and so on.

In order to actually download an app, aFreeware sends you to the Android Market, so the app isn’t a full replacement for the Market. But it does provide a decent alternative if you’re just looking for good free apps. Unfortunately there’s no way to search using the app.

You can also find the same free apps at the Android Freeware web site, which does have a search function.

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