Windows Phone 7 comes with a mobile web browser based on Internet Explorer, and it’s much more powerful than the mobile browsers that shipped with Windows Mobile 6.5 and older phones. But it’s lacking some features you might expect such as support for tabs, or even for entering a URL in landscape orientation. Fortunately there are third party add-ons that address those shortcomings (if you see them as shortcomings).

A few weeks ago we mentioned Browser+, which adds tabbed browsing and an incognito mode (allowing you to surf the web without your phone recording your history). Now the folks at WPCentral have found another app called Browse On, which also supports tabs, but additionally lets you tilt the phone to surf the web in landscape orientation — and still enter new URLs in the address bar.

Browse On also hides the address bar after you open a page, giving you more screen real estate. I also kind of think Browse On’s tabs look a bit nicer than those in Browser+, since they have rounded edges. But that’s probably just a matter of taste.

You can check out a video from WPCentral after the break.

Browse On is available for $0.99 from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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