Carbonite offers an excellent online backup service that lets you save important files from your Mac or PC online. That way if your computer is damaged or stolen, you know that you can go online and get your files. The service runs in the background and automatically montiors selected folders for new files.

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The company has offered iPhone and BlackBerry apps for a while that let you access your backed up files on the go, and you can also use a computer web browser. Now Carbonite has released a free Android app which subscribers can use to access their files.

Carbonite Access lets you open, download, or share files backed up to your account. You can view photos using an integrated viewer, and use other Android apps to access other content. For instance, when I tried to open a PDF on my Nexus One, it opened in QuickOffice. When I tapped on an MP3 file I had the choice of opening it using the Android Music player or VPlayer media player.

Carbonite offers a number of security features, including an option to automatically log out after a set period of time, and buttons to delete saved files or clear your cache.

Carbonite Access is available as a free download from the Android Market… but you’ll need a Carbonite account to use the app. Carbonite offers a 15 day free trial. After that you can sign up for a year of basic service for $54.95. That gets you unlimited online storage space. Carbonite offers discounts when you sign up for 2 or 3 year plans.

via Android Central

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