A handful of banks and PayPal have allowed iPhone users to deposit checks by scanning the front and back with the phone’s camera for a while. Now that feature is finally starting to make its way to Android phones, thanks to a new app from Chase.

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For the most part, the Chase Mobile app works like most mobile banking apps. It lets you view your account balance, pay bills using the company’s online bill paying system, transfer money between accounts and find local branches and ATMs.

But the stand-out feature is definitely the check-cashing. I’m not a Chase customers, but I live a good 10-15 minute walk from the nearest branch of my bank, and I’d love to be able to deposit checks without leaving the house in the winter. In the warmer months I actually kind of like the excuse to leave the home office every now and again.

Artem over at Android Police does use Chase, and he took the app for a spin and found it lived up to its promise. You can find more screenshots at Android Police.

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2 replies on “Chase Mobile app for Android: Deposit checks with your cameraphone”

  1. I downloaded this app as soon as I saw it advertised during the Super Bowl. Two relatively small checks – $200 and $100 – were deposited quite easily. I attempted to deposit a larger check a few days ago – $5600 – and got a message I was exceeding the daily deposit limit. Are you kidding me?! Exactly how does one put too much money into a bank account? So I called Chase “customer service” to find out what the maximum deposit with their app is, and after talking with three people, I still don’t have an answer. Today, I attempted a smaller check of $2300, and got the same “exceeding the daily deposit limit” message. Are we to assume, Chase, that only people of moderate to small incomes will be allowed to use this app? I give this app three stars….it does work and easily, but not for checks over the amount of $???????????.

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