DISH network has launched an Android app that lets users stream live TV from their home to a phone. Users can also manager their DVR, search the program guide, or use their phones as remote controls for their set-top boxes.

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The app makes use of technology from Sling Media, which is owned by DISH Network. That means you’ll need to have the proper hardware in your home theater setup to use the DISH Remote Access app. It requires a ViP 922 Slingloaded DVR, a ViP 722 set top box, or a ViP722k DVR with the Sling Adapter accessory.

Overall the app looks a lot like the SlingPlayer Mobile app for Android. Both apps have the same video interface with the same on-screen buttons. The program guide for the DISH app could certainly be more attractive though.

The good news is that while the full SlingPlayer Mobile app for Android costs $29.99, DISH Remote Access is available as a free download from the Android Market.

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  1. My name is Fabian and I love this app and the sling adapter, I work for DISH so I have gotten to play with the app a lot and nothing but good things come to mind.

      1. Well for the DISH Remote Access app to work you do need it connected with DISH Network. So basically if you enjoy watching ESPN for example, you can watch ESPN live on your phone from anywhere in the world you have an internet connection. You also have access to all of your dvr recordings on your DISH Network receiver.

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