Rage is probably one of the most impressive First Person Shooter video games ever developed for iOS. The app has been in the works for the past few years, and it’s finally available for download from the App Store for $1.99.

The game requires iOS 3.2 and up and it’s going to work best on an iPhone 3GS or faster device (such as an iPhone 4, iPad, or the latest iPod touch). But what you’re looking at is a FPS game from id software, the folks who brought us Doom and Quake back in the day. They know their shooters.

The graphics are also pretty amazing. You can check out a 7 minute demo video from TouchGen after the break.

I’m not really a huge fan of FPS games, because I tend to get blasted to bits within a few seconds, but the killer (pun intended) graphics alone make Rage look like it might be worth checking out.

The game weighs in at a heavy 743MB, so you might want to download it over a WiFi connection instead of 3G.

Brad Linder

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  1. John Carmack was such an important, or at least popular, figure in computer graphics. Now, he’s just a delusional egomaniac. Demos and statements that he made publicly leading up to this release have been hilarious and horrifying. Obviously, this is a great looking great game, but it would be nice to see it fail commercially so that Carmack can ride off into the sunset (and topple off the edge of a plateau).

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