Web conferencing software company Fuze Meeting has launched a new app for Google Android tablets. The app lets users connect to virtual meetings by joining in via audio (using a tablet’s mic), and viewing and sharing photos and videos.

The app supports Android 2.1 and and TechCrunch reports that it’s optimized for tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab and designed to work best on 1024 x 600 pixel displays, although it should also work on Android phones.

Fuze also offers an iPad app, an iPhone version, and a BlackBerry app.

Like other web conferencing software, the full desktop version of Fuze Meeting lets users share their desktop over the internet to show presentations, video, or other demos. While you can’t yet share a mobile screen with other users the same way, you can tune into webcasts and watch demos and presentations from other users with the Fuze Meeting mobile apps.

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