Google appears to be getting ready to push out a major update to the Android Market. Last night the company made some changes to the page developers use to publish their apps to the market, which is a pretty good indication that consumers will notice something new soon as well.

First up, there’s now support for high resolution application icons and featured graphics. The icons can support 24 bit PNG or JPEG files with resolutions of 512 x 512px, while the new featured graphics can be up to 1024 x 500px.

What’s more, there’s a spot for developers to add a link for a promotional YouTube video.

It’s not clear at the moment if this just means that Google will be supporting higher resolution devices including tablets soon, or if the company is preparing to finally unveil an Android Market web site allowing users to peruse the Market on a computer, and possibly even push app downloads directly to their phones AppBrain-style.

via Android Police and Android Central

Brad Linder

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