Ever wish you could run Google Android on your aging iPhone 2G or iPhone 3G? Now it’s easier than ever, thanks to the launch of a utility called BootLace 2.1. It’s available for download from the Cydia store for jailbroken devices. That means you’ll need to jailbreak your phone before starting… but that was kind of a no-brainer. Did you really think Apple would make it easy to install other operating systems on the iPhone?

As long as your phone is already jailbroken, you won’t even need to connect your iPhone to a computer to get Android up and running. You can do the whole thing by downloading over the air packages. You just have to add the following repository to the Cydia store and then download and install a few apps.


  1. Install Bootlace
  2. Install OpeniBoot
  3. Install iDroid

Once everything is installed, just launch the OpeniBoot app. You can click “QuickBoot” to reboot your phone into Android. From the OpeniBoot tab you can configure the boot menu and determine which operating system will boot automatically. The iDroid tab lets you install, upgrade, or remove iDroid.

If you want more detailed instructions you can find them at iPro Blog or Redmond Pie. You can also read more about iDroid, OpeniBoot, and Bootlace in the iDroid forum.

Update: It looks like you may soon be able to install Android on the iPod touch 4, iPad, and other newer iOS devices.

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