When iDOS was released a few weeks ago, I told you that you could use the app to run old school DOS games and other programs… or even install Windows 3.1. Now the folks at Pikigeek have put together a video showing just how you go about installing Windows on an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

It’s kind of remarkable just how little the Windows installation process has changed over the last 20 years, but it’s also pretty awesome just how easy it is to get an early version of Windows running on iOS.

In order to play you’ll need to have the original Windows 3.1 installation disks… if you haven’t purged your office in the past few decades, you’ve probably got the floppies lying around anyway. You’ll also need a jailbroken iOS device.

Once the Windows is installed, you’ll be able to umm… play Minesweeper on your iPhone, I guess. I suppose you could also run other Windows games and utilities, an early version of Microsoft Word or Excel, or just about anything else that would run on DOS or Windows 3.1. Of course, the nostalgia factor is the main reason to do this, since most of those apps were clearly not intended for use on a mobile touchscreen device.

You can check out the video after the break and hit up Pikigeek for step by step instructions.

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