iSendr is a peer to peer tool that lets you quickly and easily send someone a file from your computer. Just select the file you want to share and then send the URL to the person you want to share the file with. They can download it directly from your computer, as long as you don’t shut off your PC or close the web browser. That’s because you don’t actually upload anything to iSendr, the company’s Flash-based tool simply facilitates a transfer between two computers.

Now iSendr has added support for QR codes, which makes it easy to download files on mobile devices. Just select the file you want to share and then send either the URL or a picture of the QR code to the intended recipient. They can scan the code with their camera and start the download.

There’s just one catch: even the mobile version of the iSendr web site is Flash based, which means that right now you’ll only be able to scan those QR codes to download files on Android devices that support Adobe Flash Player. Still, if you want to share a large file with a friend, or even just send a large file from your PC to your Android phone without a USB cable, it doesn’t get much easier than this.

via Lifehacker and Digital Inspiration

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