The Microsoft Zune HD is an excellent portable media player, but it’s capable of being much more. The Zune software is actually based on Windows CE, which means there are thousands of third party apps that should be able to run on the Zune HD — if only there were a way to install them. Now there is.

ZuneBoards member Netrix developed an app called Liberate which lets you run some Windows CE and Windows Mobile apps on the Zune HD by killing the Zune HD user interface and bringing up the Windows CE explorer.

Users have found that they can run a number of popular Windows CE apps including the Opera Mini web browser, Foxit PDF reader, CorePlayer and TCPMP media players, Pigeon IM app, ScummVM and even PockedDOS — a DOS emulator for Windows Mobile.

Unforutnately the FPSEce Playstation emulator crashes when you try to load games… but if someone can find a fix, you might actually be able to play PS1 games on a Zune HD. How cool would that be?

You can find out more about Liberate for the Zune HD at the ZuneBoards forum.

via Engadget and ZuneBoards

Brad Linder

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