While shopping for a new vacuum cleaner this weekend, my wife had a few items that she wanted to look at which had received high marks from Consumer Reports. Unfortunately, the first store we went to didn’t have any of those items in stock, so I whipped out my Nexus One, fired up the Google Shopper App, and used the local search results to see if any nearby stores carried the item we were looking for.

Unfortunately, once we drove to two of the stores on our list, it became clear that Google Shopper’s local search results are not updated in real-time. While Best Buy, Walmart, Target, or another national retailer might carry the item you’re looking for, that doesn’t mean it will be at your local store — and Google Shopper can’t tell the difference.

Milo can.

At least, that’s the promise behind the Milo app, which detects your location when you conduct a search and lets you know which nearby stores actually has the item you’re looking for in stock. We eventually wound up finding a pretty good vacuum, but I wish I had Milo this weekend.

Milo has partnered with stores throughout the US, and has listings for about 50,000 retail stores and 2.8 million products.

You can also check out Milo by using the company’s web-based local shipping service.There’s also a mobile web site which you can use with an iPhone or other smartphone.

The Milo app for Android is available as a free download from the Android Market.

via Lifehacker

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