The MIUI Browser is a Chinese web browser for Google Android with a clean look, a full screen mode, and support for tabs. It also has a number of integrated features including support for thumbnail icons for your top sites on the home screen, RSS support, an eBook search tool, music search shortcut, a Top Sites directory with links to 60 popular web sites including Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, Amazon, and IMDb.

There’s also a nifty tool for “night mode,” which lets you set default brightness levels for day and night mode and flip between them just by toggling the night switch.

You can adjust text size, choose whether or not to load images, and tweak other setting as well. The browser has a download manager, bookmark manager, and just about every other feature you could ask for in a mobile browser.

While the browser was originally only available in Chinese, xda-developers forum member jpsiemer has translated the browser into English. You can download the English language version of the browser from the forum thread.

The only down side? MIUI Browser feels a little sluggish to me. It takes a while to load the browser, and even longer to load web sites. Once pages are loaded, the browser is a pleasure to use, but I’ll probably stick with Dolphin Browser HD for now because it just feels faster.

You can find more screenshots after the break.

via xda-developers

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