I try to stay above the iPhone vs. Android fray, since both mobile operating systems have their strong and weak points. But one area where Android really shines is status notifications. If you receive a new email, text message, IM, or other action, it will hang out in the notification bar at the top of your screen until you dismiss it or deal with it. On the other hand when you get an alert in iOS, you get a pop up message that disappears as soon as another arrives.

Fortunately there are several apps that can help improve the notification experience on iOS. Unfortunately, they all require you to jailbreak your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. But if that’s not a concen, you might want to check out OpenNotifier, a new app which will add status notes to the taskbar at the top of your iOS device.

One of the things that makes OpenNotifier special is that it’s designed to be customizable with a variety of icon packs. The utility is available for free, but the developer plans to offer an icon add-on pack for $2, although there will likely be free, downloadable icons available as well.

Another app that lets you add status icons is LockInfo, which also lets you customize your device’s lock screen with calendar, email, SMS, phone, or other data. LockInfo runs $7.99, but offers a 14 day free trial. Like OpenNotifier, LockInfo will only work on jailbroken devices.

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