Spacetime Studios has launched an Android version of the Pocket Legends multiplayer role-playing game. A new version of the game is also available for iOS.The Android version has been in closed beta for the past few weeks, but it’s now available as a free download from the Android Market.

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The game features 3D graphics and all your usual RPG standards including several character classes to choose from, a lot of hack-and-slash fighting, the ability to upgrade equipment and learn new spells and attacks, and a large virtual world to explore. You can play on your own or use the online elements to play with other users from around the world.

The 3D graphics aren’t exactly mindblowing, but they’re good enough for a mobile game. The controls are all designed for touchscreen devices, allowing you to move around either using a virtual joystick or by tapping on the screen. And while the first couple of quests and fights are pretty dull and monotonous, things pick up as you start to play.

The game is available as a free download from the Android Market. It supports in-app purchases for upgrading your equipment.

Pocket Legends supports Android 2.1 and up. The download is about 30MB, but if you have Android 2.2 the game will automatically install to your SD card to save you some space — although it still eats up 12MB or more of your main storage.

You can check out some more screenshots after the break.

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