Earlier this year Propellerhead Software released a version of the classic ReBirth digital drum machine/synthesizer app for the iPhone. This week the company took the next step and released ReBirth for the iPad.

While the iPad version is more expensive, at $14.99, it looks like it should be much easier to use on the larger display. In fact, according to the guy in the demo video below, the multitouch display on the iPad makes it even easier to use the ReBirth software now than it was when the Mac version was first released in 1996.

For the record, ReBirth features two virtual TB-303 Bassline synthesizers, a TR-808 drum machine, and a TR-909 drum machine. It lets you add digital effects, mix, and export your audio.

You can also download reBirth for the iPhone and iPod touch from the App Store for $6.99.

via TUAW

Brad Linder

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