Windows Phone 7 doesn’t officially let you install apps unless you either grab them from the Windows Marketplace or pay for a developer account which lets you test apps on your phone, among other things. Last week a group of hackers put together an app called ChevronWP7 that gets around this restriction, allowing anyone to install third party apps on their Windows Phone 7 devices.Now it looks like one of the folks who developed that app is working on a tool that lets you get around another Windows Phone 7 restriction.

Out of the box, you can’t install custom ringtones on a Windows Phone 7 device. You’re stuck with the ringtones Microsoft and your mobile carrier provide you. But developer Chris Walsh says he’s developed a ringtone loader which will work with ChevronWP7 to let you load custom ringtones on your phone.

The new tool should be available for download tomorrow.

Update: The app is now available for download… but you’ll need the Windows Phone 7 SDK to install it.

via WP Central

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