Sling Media offers mobile apps that let you stream live TV from your home to a computer or any number of mobile devices including an iPhone, Android device, or BlackBerry. But one mobile app that’s still missing in action? An iPad app. That will soon change though, as Sling Media has started showing off a pre-release build of a SlingPlayer app for the iPad.

Like other SlingPlayer apps, the iPad version works with a Slingbox piece of hardware that you hook up to your home media system. It lets you stream live TV from your cable, broadcast, or satellite setup over the internet, or recorded programs from a DVR. You can pause, play, fast forward and rewind as you go.

The on-screen controls have been adjusted for the iPad’s larger screen.

You can keep track of the iPad app development by signing up at the Slingbox page.

via Gizmodo

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