The Symbian Foundation has been going through some rocky times recently, and today the group announced it is changing its role in relation to the Symbian mobile operating system. Instead of leading the software development side of things, the Symbian Foundation will now simply serve as a licensing agency for phone makers looking to use the OS. Nokia will be the primary corporation behind future development of the Symbian operating system.

Nokia expects to ship 50 million Symbian devices in the next year, and the company is the largest maker of smartphones running Symbian. Nokia recently announced that it would adopt Qt as its primary application development framework — but Qt works with Symbian instead of against it. Basically the idea is that Nokia and other developers will be able to crank out Qt-based apps for Symbian and MeeGo devices without waiting for major operating system updates.

Symbian will continue to be open source software.

via Engadget

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