When it was announced that Nokia would take over management of the open source Symbian smartphone operating system with the Symbian Foundation becoming a licensing agency for the OS, I didn’t think the changes would be quite so noticeable quite so quickly. The foundation has announced it will shut down its web sites on December 17th, 2010.

All of its web sites. That includes Symbian.org as well as blogs, developer sites, and even the group’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

The content from those web sites, including the Symbian source code, Wiki, bug database, and other information will continue to be available — on a DVD or USB hard drive. Starting on or after January 31st, 2011 you’ll be able to request physical media with the data you need for the price of shipping and the cost of the media.

In other words, if you really want the source code or other information, you might want to grab it in the next few weeks before it goes offline.

via Electronista

Brad Linder

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