Looks like TiVo is skipping a simplistic mobile remote control app, leapfrogging directly from their limited mobile website to a supercharged iPad app… that is much more than a mere remote. The upcoming app appears to replicate nearly all TiVo functionality in your lap and, most impressive, doesn’t duplicate what’s on screen — meaning you can browse the guide or your recordings without interrupting whatever’s already on screen.

The TiVo Premiere app features gesture-based controls, allowing you to drag or swipe forward or back through a program. You can use the app to launch recorded shows, live TV, or streaming video. There’s  a program guide you can view on your iPad without breaking into your regularly scheduled programming on your TV, and you can schedule recordings from the iPad.

You can also search for TV shows, movies, actors, or directors and explore additional information about programs including cast, crew, and recommendations.

Additionally, the iPad app will enable users to fire off tweets and Facebook status updates about the shows their watching, spoilers and all. Although it’s a heck of a lot more natural way to communicate online than the early kludgey Twitter-on-TV apps we’ve seen.

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