Twitter has released a new version of its Android app. It’s designed to be faster, prettier, and overall a lot more like the official Twitter app for the iPhone.

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Here’s a partial list of changes:

  • Click on any Tweet to load a details page where you can reply, retweet, or favorite a message.
  • Swipe across a Tweet to get options to share, retweet, or favorite a message, or view details about the person who posted the Tweet.
  • Pull down on your timeline to refresh the page with new messages.
  • You can quote a Tweet using the retweet button.
  • Avatar photos are available in higher resolution.

Twitter 1.05 is available from the Android Market for Android 2.1 and up.

Brad Linder

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One reply on “Twitter updates Android app, now with more iPhone-like features”

  1. This version seems to add audio notifications as it loads – and nothing stops the darned things from playing. Anyone else encountered that issue?

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