The recently released Palm Pre 2 may be the first phone to get webOS 2.0, but HP has confirmed that it plans to roll out updates to all phones that are currently running webOS 1.x.

That means the original Palm Pre and the Palm Pixi will receive updates soon, although it may be up to wireless carriers to decide when and how to roll out the updates to users.

PreCentral reports that the webOS 2.0 updates should be available “in the coming months.”

The new operating system features enhanced search and multitasking capabilities, tighter integration with your contacts from online services including Facebook and Gmail, and support for new apps including Skype (on Verizon phones) and Adobe Flash Player.

Update: HP and Palm have reversed course on this promise. Now it looks like webOS 2.0 will not officially be available for anything older than a Palm Pre 2 phone.

Brad Linder

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