AOL launched a version of Winamp for Google Android devices recently, and it’s already one of the best third party music apps available for the platform thanks to its attractive and useful interface and integration with the desktop version of Winamp which lets you sync your music files between a PC and Android device. Now the developers are getting ready to roll out another feature, and it’s one that’s kind of a no-brainer: Shoutcast support.

Shoutcast is a directory of internet radio streams. The desktop version of Winamp has long featured Shoutcast integration, making it easy to search through tens of thousands of radio streams. Now Download Squad reports that the same feature is coming to Winamp for Android.

Download Squad took an early alpha build of Winamp with Shoutcast support for a spin. Apparently you can browse by top stations or by genre, or search for stations. A single click starts streaming music from that station, while a tap-and-hold action will let you add a station to your favorites. There’s also a list of stations you’ve listened to recently available, to make it easy to flip back to that one station you were on that you really enjoying without remember what it was called.

You can find more screenshots at Download Squad.

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