As promised, Yahoo has launched an updated version of Yahoo Messenger for Google Android with support for video calls. The new Android app comes about a month after Yahoo launched video support for iOS.

In order to make video calls on Android you’ll need Android 2.2 and up. The video feature is still in beta, and requires a Yahoo Messenger Video add-on. The feature officially supports the HTC Evo and myTouch 4G phones with front-facing cameras. Users can start a video call on a PC and continue on a mobile device, or make video calls from their phones.

The new app also features contact synchronization, allowing you to meld your Yahoo contacts with your phne contact list, and improved photo and video sharing.

Yahoo has also launched a new Mail app for Android, which lets you link multiple Yahoo accounts to one device. There’s also a new photo gallery view which lets you view all the photos you’ve sent and received without searching for attachments one by one.

Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Messenger are available as free downloads from the Android Market.

Brad Linder

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