One of the coolest new features in the Barnes & Noble NOOKcolor is support for picture books and interactive content for children’s books — the kind of thing that’s hard to do on a typical E Ink eBook reader with a slow screen refresh rate. Now it looks like Barnes & Noble is making those features available to iPad users as well, with a new NOOKkids app for the iPad.

Like other eBook apps for the iPad, NOOKkids is both a book store and an interactive eBook reader. You can purchase and download hundreds of titles from the Barnes & Noble store, and read them on your iPad. You get two books for free when you download the app.

NOOKkids can read stories out loud to your kids (in case you’re too lazy to do that yourself), and lets you zoom in on words or text as you read.

The NOOKkids app is available as a free download from the App Store.

via The Digital Reader

Brad Linder

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