Just a week after launching the last public preview of Dolphin Browser Mini for Android, the developers have released an update that makes the mobile web browser even easier to use.

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Dolphin Browser Mini is designed to run on Android 1.6 and up, offering many of the features found in Dolphin Browser HD, minus that pesky Android 2.x requirement.

In addition to support for tabs, private browsing mode, orientation locking, and gesture support, Dolphin Browser Mini Preview3 adds shortcuts and gestures that make it easier to toggle full-screen mode, move forward or backward, or lock the screen in portrait or landscape mode while you’re browsing.

There’s also a new icon that shows up in the URL area letting you know if private browsing is on, so you know if you can safely browse the… umm… public library web site, without worrying about other people knowing which web sites you’ve visited.

Dolphin Browser Mini Preview3 is available as a free download from the Dolphin Browser web site.

Update: Dolphin Mini is also now available from the Android Market.

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  1. The guys behind dolphin browser just published the mini version to android market.It works great on my Droid X.

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